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I direct stand-up comedy and theatre, music videos and film.

I directed Jessica Fostekew’s stand-up shows Mettle, Wench, Hench, and The Silence of the Nans, five with comedian Brett Goldstein, as well as directing Goldstein’s play Success Story. I also directed the play Restitution by Emily Juniper, plus short pieces for The Story Project.

I have directed all four Hermetic Arts live shows, and the forthcoming Hermetic Arts film UNFOUNDED.

As well as live work, I have directed numerous music videos, including Pig With The Face Of A Boy’s Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris (which was shown as part of Adam Buxton’s BUG on Sky Atlantic) as well as videos for Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury, Kele Le Roc, Tara Flynn, Jess Robinson, Phil Nichol, and Isabel Fay.

I co-produced the live stage performance of The Quatermass Experiment at Alexandra Palace in 2023, starring Mark Gatiss, Alice Lowe, James Swanton, and Kevin McNally.



"Lincé has an iron grip on pacing and tone … a deeply impressive bit of stagecraft … polished to the point that its simplicity feels weaponised. You cannot look away and there is nowhere to hide."


London City Nights on ANTHOLOGY

"Pitch perfect direction, it ascends to much greater heights, and is hilarious as it is heartbreaking … One of our Fringe Favourites this festival for sure." on B.A.D.D.

"A brilliant production, perfectly executed."

Brighton & Hove news on UNBURIED

"Constant wrong-footing of audience expectations … A humane, intelligent and deeply satisfying piece. And cryingly funny."


"An acid satire of Hollywood insincerity … It cracks along with the suspense of a skilful thriller … A savagely witty treat."

Three Weeks on SUCCESS STORY

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